Musiques en fête in Orange

Patrizia Ciofi will participate at the 9th edition of Musiques en fête in live from the  Théâtre Antique in Orange for the season’s opening night of the Chorégies and broadcast on France 3 channel.

June 19 

More information here

Musical direction:
Acocella, Luciano / Benetti, Didier

Singers :
Alagna, Roberto
Laconi, Florian
Uria-Monzon, Béatrice
Ciofi, Patrizia
Amiel, Kevin
Blanch Freixes, Sara
Chaume, Chloé
Conrad, Fabienne
Khourdoian, Armelle
Lemercier, Valentine
Robins, Amélie
Blondel, Erminie
Boutillier, Jérôme
Cafiero, Florian
Dear, Thomas
Scoffoni, Marc
Bettinger, Thomas

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