Reviews of Oedipe

Oedipe (Enesco), The Sphinx, May-June 2016

«  Marie-Nicole Lemieux gives a delicious cameo as the sphinx emitting some gloriously eerie sounds perfectly matched by the sound of a musical saw in the orchestra. » William Hartston – Express

«  Marie-Nicole Lemieux descends like Tina Turner in a heavenly aeroplane for her cameo as the seductive Sphinx. » Mark Valencia – What’s on stage

« Horror follows swiftly as Oedipus defeats the malevolent Sphinx (the splendid contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux, who emerges snarling from an antique fighter plane). » Clare Colvin – Express

« Apariţia “excepţională” a Marie-Nicole Lemieux în rolul Sfinxului. »
Apparition «exceptionnelle» de Marie- Nicole Lemieux dans le rôle de la Sphinge.
Vasile Andreica – Informatia Zilei

« Marie-Nicole Lemieux, who takes on the Sphinx’s ferociously difficult lines with aplomb, swooping up and down through the extremes of the range, and creates a real flesh-and-blood character out of the agent of fate. » David Karlin – Bachtrack

« […] and Marie-Nicole Lemieux as the Sphinx all stand out » Sam Smith – Opera Online

« Marie-Nicole Lemieux was terrifically unnerving as the Sphynx, letting rip a fearful Sprechgesang howl as she died to an iridescent glissando on musical saw. Indeed, the uncanny orchestration and microtonal nuances formed an aural ‘nightmare’, but and it is a credit to Lemieux that the Sphynx’s so evident agonies won the sympathy of the audience. » Claire Seymour – Opera Today

« Marie-Nicole Lemieux was terrific as the sphinx, in her World War 2 fighter plane. Taunting and malicious, even in defeat and death she brought a sense of glee as she clearly understood Oedipe’s destiny. » Robert Hugill – Planet Hugill

« Un Sphinx impressionant de Marie-Nicole Lemieux au Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Notre contralto nationale a été impressionnante dans ce rôle, aussi modeste qu’exigeant, et a révélé à nouveau son grand talent dramatique. Elle a été d’ailleurs été fort applaudie par mes voisins et voisines au balcon du Royal Opera House! » Robert Turp – Le blogue lyrique



Crédits photographiques – © Tristram Kenton

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