Guillaume Tell in Lyon

Jean Teitgen, Philippe Talbot, Tomislav Lavoie and Patrick Bolleire will be respectively Gessler, Ruodi, Melcthal and Walter Furst in Guillaume Tell by Rossini at the Opéra de Lyon.

October 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 

More information here

Cast :
Daniele Rustioni – musical direction
Tobias Kratzer – stage direction

Nicola Alaimo – Guillaume Tell
Enkelejda Shkoza – Hedwige
Jennifer Courcier / Martin Falque / Robinson Bert – Jemmy
John Osborn – Arnold
Jean Teitgen – Gessler
Tomislav Lavoie – Melcthal
Jane Archibald – Mathilde
Grégoire Mour – Rodolphe
Patrick Bolleire – Walter Furst
Philippe Talbot – Ruodi, un pêcheur
Antoine Saint-Espes – Leuthold
Kwang Soun Kim – Un Chasseur

Orchestra and Choir of the Opéra de Lyon


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